Lavender Bath Salt Fizz


Lavender fizzy bath salt is made to order. This product is a 2oz package. Lavender essential oil is believed to promote relaxation, alleviate anxiety/depression, help with sleep. Other believed benefits of lavender is as follows: alleviate allergies, depression, nausea, cramps, eczema, & has anti-inflammatory properties. All bath and body products are made by CJC Craft and Design and sold by Sister Sister Michigan 

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-Baking soda

-Corn starch

-Citric acid

-Fractionated coconut oil

-Himalayan pink salt

-Lavender essential oil

-Dried Lavender flower

*Please note that all items are made to order. Shipping will be 7-10 Days after order is placed unless there is a delay in shipment of supplies in which you will be notified immediately.*.

Disclaimer:  You should always speak with a medical provider before using any products and for medical advice. This product is not meant to cure, treat, or heal.


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